Rhode Island – Slowing Down A Blur

I blinked and days went by! It’s that time of vacation where everything blends together and time starts to pick up speed. Nooooo. Time to slow down and be more present.

Friday morning we woke up to another yucky-weather day. AKA, another day to do something other than the beach! We had breakfast and went to the coolest place ever. I still can’t believe this place exists!

We walked into the park and saw this head towering over the trees. Time to RUN to the source!


Hi there, big guy!

W e couldn’t explore fast enough. And it was so cool how the park was set up, little walking trails through-out the 60 acres, and little dinosaur friends hidden like easter eggs (and not-so-hidden) along the way!

There was a maze that was a”maz”ing. We went in and ran screaming back and forth until we finally found the end. Brenden was above us on an overlook taking a time-lapse video which was hilarious. The end of the maze was a big dinosaur mouth-slide to exit. So fun. 

M was too scared to slide down alone so I had to climb back up the slide to get him. 

We got to the park at 10AM when it opened and it was virtually empty. By noon it started to get crowded and we were so glad we got there early to enjoy everything in peace!

These raptures (??) glared at us from the restroom roofs.

So many fun things to explore. 

Alllllmost tall enough.

His faces…

Brenden helped M take pictures of the dinosaurs so he could make a book to show his little friends when school starts again. So cute to think of M doing show-and-tell this year at preschool! He was in to taking pictures with Daddy for about three seconds. 🙂

This face. 

There was a beautiful lake in the middle of the park with a (fake) volcano that would spout steam and make awesome noises and these vibrant lily pads. So beautiful! 


Having a conversation in the woods:
And then there was this guy… whew! 

I don’t think this is allowed.. 

Pretty sure this is not allowed either. (Hands over face.) 

Weirdest one we met.. Kind of like an antelope and a tiger combined? 

Don’t mess with this scary mommy and her babies!

Tiny dinosaurs in the trees. 
Taking more pictures for his book. 

We didn’t read these, but they were scattered throughout the park for the more serious visitors, aka, not us! Now I wish I got pictures of all of them so I could connect them to the dinosaurs I have pictures of. I’ll have to get a book from the library and we will do a match later. 

The kids loved these! Little huts spread out through the park with holes to touch and guess different objects. (Dinosaur teeth, skin, eggs, poop, etc.) Hand sanitizer anyone?

The little trails were so cool. And just the right length for little legs. 

There were two huge play areas that the kids LOVED. Ever since M potty trained play structures are his new favorite thing, because now he can go in the big one at our gym at home! Big deal for a little guy.

They could have played in the play structure for hours. 

On the way home Brenden saw Naskart, a huge indoor racing place on the side of the road and before we knew it he was speeding around the track (and winning 4th place!) Meanwhile the kids were waaaaay over-tired and basically hanging off me half asleep.     
This is not my type of place at all. I can’t wait to never go back there again!

The afternoon was spent relaxing and being quiet. HA. But seriously, for about an hour there was quiet creativity going on and it was bliss. The kids loved to make little cities for their matchbox cars. Brielle’s city was “Elise Town” and Michael’s was “New York City.” (Always.)

Brenden added a big blue potty to the middle of Michael’s town, which he loved, so it became “PottyVille.”

Saturday morning we dropped Brenden off at Fenway beach down the street to go surfing with the cousins! The kids and I went to feed the ducks and go to the library. That is more my speed. Although after seeing Brenden’s reaction to his first time surfing, I may have to try it too. He loved it.
Meanwhile we went in search for our old friends, the ducks, at the library pond. And along the way we practiced our “snapping.”

It’s been Brielle’s life-long mission to learn to snap and whistle. She almost has the snapping down! “Look mommy!! I can snap!” (And I hear a tiny little sound coming from her tiny little hands.)

“BUT I CAN’T SNAP!!” As he tears up the duck bread. “Threenager” is a real thing. And it’s not pretty.

M ate a lot of the bread along the way:

When we got to the library we discovered no ducks!

We were only sad for a moment, until we noticed all the fish!

We love walking around the park at the library. So much to see and explore!

I can’t even remember what day this was, like I said they are all blurring together, (wahhhh) but this is one of my favorite activities with the kids up here, just sitting on the porch being creative and calm. I put on some music and Michael organizes his cars (he’s naming them here, “Randy, Rudolf, Green Lantern”) and we color and read.

Michael: “Look mommy, it’s not scribble scrabble! I’m coloring in the lines!”

I could watch them color for days.

Brenden got a call from the cousins that they were going water skiing! It almost dark so we ordered Thai and ate and had baths and he went and did this:

So fun!! And once again, it’s glaringly obvious that I missed out on the adventure gene, or whatever it is that makes someone want to do this. 🙂

Well that was a blur of a couple of days!









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