Rhode Island – In The Rearview Mirror

I love how beautifully complex life is. How can we be in love with so many places and people? How can those places and people stay with us, be a part of us, no matter where we are?

We are home sweet home, but this will forever be in our hearts:
Nanny, oh how we love you. You are our last grandparent; the kids last great-grandparent. Your beautiful smile and energy… Your laughter and your eyes. Thank you for your life and what it means to us.

It’s weird that there was a time in my life where I didn’t even think about this being a thing… It just didn’t cross my mind… and now here it is. It just is. We have Nanny and that is all.

But I’m happy to say we lived up every moment with her… No regrets. And we get to see her again in a couple of weeks!

Dinner at the ChopHouse and playing tic tac toe. 

As our vacation wound down we did our best to live it up! The kids finally rode the carousel. Maybe next year they will try to reach for the golden ring. This is such a cool activity in Watch Hill

This is Michael’s “I’m having fun” face.

Lots of walks. “Mommy, look! My shadow looks like I am six!” – Brielle.

M rode (again!) on a boat, and looked just as thrilled. I wonder what’s going on in that big head? I know he loves it…

We made it to the Cooked Goose for breakfast which seemed like it would be fun, because it always is, but for some reason with this crew on this specific morning, it wasn’t.

I think it was a combination of it being 7AM, and rainy, and Michael having to poop (sorry) and us over-exciting ourselves to finally go to the Cooked Goose again. We were a hot mess. My breakfast was deeeeeeelicious though. And I wasn’t going to let two whiney kids ruin it for me. 😀

Three summers ago we met some new friends at the Cooked Goose and have kept up with them ever since. Every year our vacations have somehow coincided and I’m so glad it worked out again this year! What a blast!

Drew is the best at catching random sea life. It was critter-heaven on the ski beach. This was a gorgeous Horseshoe Crab, it was so fun to look at him and then watch him bury his way back into the water. 

Spider crabs are exactly what they sound like. Eeeek! 

Eating is a serious passtime for this crew. 

We had dinner in the backyard and the kids sat and ate Manfredi’s corn for what seemed like an hour.

Then it was time to put on a show! Next year I’m sure the show will even be more of a production, which I look forward to! This year it was impromptu outfit changes into whatever clothes were available, (Aka Brielle’s t-shirts and dresses.) And Reagan’s first nail painting ever! She is so proud. 🙂

An after dinner walk to the dock provided more crabs and even more skinned knees. (See Michael crying in the back on B’s shoulders??) Whyyyyyy. 

Our friends left us with hugs and a tear (the tear was from me after Jen gave me this sweet book, I mean, wahhhhhh.)

The next day was Thursday and we spent the entire day at the beaches, starting at Fenway beach. I love how a fun frolicky morning can turn into a whining mess… Kids, I tell you. There is just no consoling Michael after he’s been hurt. Give me all the bandaids please.

After lots of first aid on a very tiny stubbed toe, we headed to Westerly beach.

Grammy building roads and towns for M’s cars:

Brielle was a culinary genius on the beach. Seaweed and pebbles and sticks… She was in heaven.

So many walks. With kids there’s no time for reading, only walking and talking and exploring.

They reminded me of ponies more than once.

Sand angels. Must be sooooo uncomfortable.

Especially when you do them this way. 😀

Ah, Michael James.. He discovered a “boogie board” and I’ve never seen him so possessive and particular. He wanted to hold it, stand on it, but never ever let it get wet. And when it did get wet we couldn’t dry it fast enough and a time-out ensued. Because lawd… Tantrum city. He is one hard headed amazing boy! I always say “he’s your son” to Brenden. And I get the same glaring eyes right back at me. Okay, so he’s “our” son. Genes are a pretty incredible thing. 

“This rock is so warmmmmm.” Reminds me of the walruses in Finding Dory. Or were they Sea Lions? 

M’s favorite activity. Being splashed by Brenden over and over and over. 

Enjoying (way too many) treats at the snack shack. 


Thursday night Brenden and I went out. We somehow scored two date nights on this vacation! Looking back it’s just so special to have had that time together. Vacationing with kids requires being on constantly, and being able to drive away without that is just amazing.

The following night we went to the beach at sunset. Why don’t we do this more often? Oh, because we are all sunned out and exhausted by then! Either way, it was so nice to sit and enjoy the salty air and warm waves without the blazing hot sun.

The seagulls were always around, chillaxin.

I just love this face! He has grown so much emotionally and mentally on this trip. What a big boy. And the sun and water was exactly what his bumps needed! (See the weird raised places on his trunk?) It’s so funny being a mom sometimes.. The things we have to navigate!

Okay, the end! Back to reality and life. I’m so grateful for all these photos and words that will keep our past memories alive!


And this, just so it never ever falls off my radar….

Brenden kissing his cousin Jennifer on the cheek. He looks just like Brielle did at this age!




















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  1. scm says:

    Oh what fun reading through this (and the others). A great vacation, to be sure! And wonderful photos, too. Loved seeing your adventures when we weren’t around.
    We miss you so. I will read this to Nan when I see her…

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