Rhode Island!

Whenever I sit down to write I always think: Why don’t I do this more often?? Usually it’s because the kids are all around me, sometimes it’s because life is busy, but sometimes, even when I find the time to slow down, I don’t remember to do this. Just open my laptop, have a cup of coffee by my side and let the words come.

So here I am.

Day four of our vacation in Rhode Island. I woke up this morning to the smell of smoking meat. What year am I in again?? And now, smoking meat and coffee. What an amazing mixture of smells. Brenden brought his smoker from Virginia and is now smoking a brisket the size of Remmy. It will take 18 hours so I better get used to the smell that is wafting in the windows.

It’s raining outside, and will rain all day. Days like this really remind me I’m in New England. I can’t see the sea from here but I know it looks dramatic, the rocks jutting up to the grey sky, the waves lonely lapping the shore.

This is the first year that we are in the cabin with the kids instead of the main house. It’s so still and calm and peaceful. The kids are sharing a room with two twin beds, and I can tell they feel so grown up. I swear Brielle has aged three years in three days. She is a little teenager walking around. She must smell independence and adventure… I’ll try to plug her nose for a few more years.

Remmy’s bed is pictured here but sadly, (or not so sadly) he isn’t with us anymore. He started to bark incessantly whenever we would leave the cabin which would annoy the neighbors who were trying to have a quiet non-dog-barking vacation. So we decided to give Remmy a vacation of his own! He is being boarded now and is very happy I hear.

So far we’ve had one beautiful sunny beach day:

And one beautiful not-so-sunny beach day:

And one very traumatic skinning of a knee, the results of which lasted for days:

Brielle is getting more and more proficient with her photog skills! (M photo bombed us and then nearly gave me a heart attack by almost falling off the lifeguard stand.)

Still, lots of pics like this. 🙂

We walked back from the dock happy, but the knee injury would continue to haunt us. Especially with the salt water, oh my! I don’t remember Brielle reacting this way when she got a skinned knee….? #boys.

Then last night we got a date night! Thanks Grammy and Grampy. We went to the Matunuck Oyster Bar which has become our favorite place to eat up here. It is paaaacked whenever we go, but so worth the wait.

We ended the night with dessert at the Shelter Harbor Inn. This was bitter-sweet for us because we have so many great memories here, (it’s right up the road from Nanny’s house where we stay every year) but it seems not to be doing so great, (aka we were the only people there) and I’m not sure how long it will be around in its current state.
Brenden hates this pic, I love it.

The kids play hard all day (thanks beach and cousins) and crash hard all night. Actually GETTING them to crash is a different story. But we find that a bath helps. I just love love love this scene. Safe in the bath. Played-out and sun-tanned.

And car naps… Car naps are my new best friend.

Okay, the kids will be up soon and my coffee is cold, so off I go!


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  1. Tracy says:

    Ah Sarah I’ve missed your posts!! Thanks for this. Love your summer adventures. And yes, boys are very dramatic for the skinned knees. Band-Aids help when they are little, or at least they did with mine. Love to you. ?

    • Sarah Grace says:

      Thanks Tracy! Yes I’ve heard boys and girls are from different planets when it comes to their owies:) M was well adorned with his Star Wars bandaids and that seemed to help a bit! I hope you are enjoying your summer offffffff!!! Love you! Xoxo!

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