My Babiest Baby Is Three!

Throwing a party for a three-year-old boy… Could there be anything more FUN? And more terrifying? For the first time (in his long life of three years) he was super excited about having a party. Like suuuuuper excited.

Every day leading up to it, “Is it my burday party?? I wanna go to my burrday party!!” Lots to navigate for me in that area, but there was much fun and cuteness found in-between the stress of managing a three-year-olds emotions and unrealistic expectations. So much fun and cuteness!!!!

We went to Sweethaus on his actual birthday for a cupcake. It was rainy and chilly, perfect weather for his new blue raincoat that he just got for his birthday! When he saw it he said “It’s just like Dell’s!” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I know it means he loves it. 🙂

Thursday night we had dinner as a family at Red Robin. Birthday boy’s choice. 🙂

His smooshy kisses are the  best!

Friday we made favors for his party guests. Idea compliments of Pinterest, and so adorable. Also, super fun and delicious to make.

Then we got to work on the cake. I got the actual cake from Giant, a basic chocolate sheet cake with a pretty piping around the edges.

We (Brenden actually, let’s be honest) drew a “3” and cut it out. Then we proceeded to do this:

Brielle had lots of fun scraping off of cream. And then (not pictured) banging them to pieces in a plastic ziplock bag,

I laid the 3 on the very dry icing and sprinkled the cookie crumbs around. Then I pressed the crumbs so they wouldn’t be misplaced when I lifted the paper. 

I’m no baker but it was fun to use a paintbrush to get the pieces of “dirt” off the road. 

Pretty cute indeed.
I will never forget M’s face when he saw it. He had told me for weeks what he wanted for a cake. “I want a blue dinosaur cake.” “I want a racecar cake.” “I want a robot cake.” “I want a….” It was non-stop. He never asked for this cake, but little did he know it was exactly what he wanted! (Thank goodness.)

We had these two big trucks we wanted to use for a center display so we crushed MORE candy. Peanut butter cups and malted milk balls!

Combined they made the best boulders and dirt for these trucks to move and push.
Again, googley-eyes from the birthday boy.

Birthday party time!
It was a serious dose of adorable. And the best part, it didn’t break the bank. There were so many great ideas on Pinterest for a construction themed party, but man, it was intense. Too many ideas, too many options. I decided less is more and settled on some cheap construction hats and “caution” tape. (Thanks Amazon.) And it made the look. Oh, and I found some orange cones at the dollar store on the day of. Score!

He made the FUNNIEST faces when we sang happy birthday to him. He is such a joker!

The cake was a hit!

He really looks like a little construction worker on his lunch break. LOL.

He and his little friends had so much fun playing!

I love seeing his little friendships bloom.

Such a fun time!

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