10 Tricks I’m Doing To Stay Alive During My Sugar Cleanse

Day 5 of my sugar cleanse! Here are some tricks I’ve been doing to not keel over and die:

1) Water water and then some more water.

2) When I feel “off” or have an intense craving I eat a spoonful of organic coconut oil. Immediately I feel better; and a sort of buzzing energy in my brain. That stuff is incredible.

3) I drink bone broth throughout the day. I need to master making this on my own (aka mine tastes like crap) but in the meantime I’m drinking organic drinking bone broth from Whole Foods.

4) I eat lots of nuts and sardines and I have avocados in my purse that I eat with a spoon. You don’t even need to peel them, just dig in and scoop out the goodness! Healthy snacks on hand is a must. I’ve avoided many a sugar catastrophe thanks to my stash of weird food. 😀

5) I’m being kinder to myself physically. I haven’t done kettle bells since I started my fast. I do a medium intensity step class and it requires the perfect amount of energy. I seem to get more winded and my muscles tire easier, but my mind is firing like never before. I am remembering things better, being more productive, and I feel like I can prioritize and plan more effectively. The fog is gone. It feels good!

6) I drink ‘Amazing Grass’ Green SuperFood. I didn’t know what that was until about a week ago when I  heard some friends talking about it. I got it at Whole Foods and it’s kind of disgusting… But I mix it with lemon-lime seltzer water and suddenly it’s not half bad! And it’s loaded with everything good for me. Loaded I tell you.

I drink my green drink and an entire cup of water (in addition to the seltzer water with green powder) before I have my coffee with almond milk in the morning. I make myself work for it, and my body thanks me! By 6AM I am hydrated and full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Getting a good start to  the day in this way makes it harder to mess up later. When I get started on the right foot I want to stay on the right foot!

7) I’ve been drinking smoothies. My new favorite smoothie is:

1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 tbs ground flax seeds
1 tbs ground chia seeds
2 tbs almond butter
Splash of almond milk (I’ve never measured it.)
Splash of vanilla extract
Huge scoop of coconut oil.

(I blend it without the coconut oil first and share some with Brielle and Michael then I add the coconut oil and reblend for me. Reason: Brielle doesn’t want “hair cream!!!” In her smoothie. I use coconut oil for Michael’s dry scalp so she assumes I cook/make smoothies with hair cream. And I eat it right out of the jar sometimes too. Her eyes just go wide. Poor girl.) ??

8) I just don’t keep sugar in the house. If I leave it out of sight it seems to be out of mind, and I am able to avoid “decision fatigue,” which is a real thing!

9) I’m aware that I’m detoxing. When I have a bad attitude or frustrated moment I remind myself: you are giving up sugar. One of the most addictive and dangerous substances of our time. Take a break. Breathe. Be kind to yourself and slow down. Then I eat about 20 baby carrots.

10) I’m avoiding all grains as well, flour, pasta, bread, etc. which requires more will-power but I think ultimately helps me cut sugar cravings much more quickly. I’m not having blood sugar spikes and crashes all day, leading to more cravings. It can become a vicious cycle!

When I reach ten days sugar free I want to create and cultivate a healthy and different relationship with sugar than I’ve had in the past. This body and mind needs clean burning fuel and energy without all the harmful effects of sugar! Can I get an amen???

Here’s to the next five days. ??


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