Just Another Thursday

Today was a day I could actually HEAR Michael and Brielle growing.

Do you ever have days like that? Where your kids wake up and just look different?

Today Michael woke up from his nap and I swear his head looked bigger. This poor guy has a tough job ahead of him growing into this head. 🙂

Some days I go from start to finish without even thinking about how fleeting this stage of motherhood is. But today I was constantly in tune with the changing of the seasons, the slightly different/more mature way Brielle responded when I said certain things, the way Michael’s little chubby cheeks didn’t look quite so chubby.

It’s insane watching this happen. And when I get a quiet moment like right now, sitting at the end of Brielle’s bed while she stirs and tries to go to sleep, I let the emotion of it overwhelm me. Because it is so overwhelming.

It’s beautiful and sorrowful and happy and painful all at the same time. And I am thoroughly letting myself feel every single bit of it. I am embracing the thick ache in my chest when my mind wanders to Brielle not being in her little pink room, tucked tightly in her little purple sheets… with lots more tomorrows of fun and laughter and cut up knees and exploring (and childhood!!) ahead of us.

And it’s just that… There’s not an infinite number of tomorrows.

But I take comfort knowing that so far each new stage has been even more amazing than the last. And I can’t wait to see who this little girl will be.

Ah, but back to our day!

They put on a production for me:

And had lots of fun at lunch.

“Michael, let’s play Simon Says. I’ll be Simon, you be Says.” (This was from yesterday but was too cute not to add.)

We made “New York City” for our trucks to drive on, I remember drawing roads for my match-box cars like this when I was their age!

After the gym we went to the playground only to find the slides wet and the swings wetter. But that made for some fun in the puddles.

We went on a walk around the neighborhood and Eustace was the leader. (Always.)

I used to get twenty “sleeping pictures” a week. Now I get none. So there’s this one, taken with a flash!

Brielle is so lucky to have a brother who ASKS to have tea parties with her. And he can pour a mean pot of tea, too! (Okay, his hands look super chubby here, yay.)

Looooong day. It’s true, the days are long and the years are short. I’m so ready to pass out. This is M fishing in his pond at bath-time. He is such a water baby. 

Tomorrow is Friday!!! Goodnight.

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