Sticking The Landing

A new thing in our house is gymnastics… And once a week just isn’t enough. I’ve never seen her so alive and happy as when she runs up to me with her leotard on, hair tie and brush in hand: “It’s time go momma! Put my hair in a pony tail!” (Four hours before class starts.)

In-between classes she practices, and her favorite thing to try and master is sticking the landing. She jumps off the couch – her two little feet side by side, body hunched over in a little four year old squat, arms out.. “Mommy! look! I stuck it!”

Other times her feet are uneven and she loses her balance or she is just way off and one foot is entirely in front of the other, but she tries over and over to stick her landing. And she gets better and better at it.


Once again my sweet little annoying-as-crap girl challenges me and teaches me.

Do I stick the landing?

Do I even care if my weight shifts too far forward or behind me?

Do I wake up in the morning thinking:

I want to do my best.

And try over and over until I get it.

I want to stick the landing with my children.

Could I be more patient? (The answer is yes.) Do I have enough intentional distraction-free time with them? Have I taught them new things today? Michael how to spell his name maybe? Brielle how to locate fun places on a world map? Do I cuddle and build up and play? Do we read read read and then read some more?

What about sticking the landing in my marriage.

Do I take him for granted? Do I assume there will always be a tomorrow? Do I go into discussions having to be “right?” Do I have an understanding heart? Do I put him before me? Us before me? Do I encourage and applaud and intentionally serve?

Do I stick the landing when it comes to my friends?

Do I listen? Do I hit autopilot and just hope the friendship flies along normally or do I invest? Do I encourage? Do I build up? Am I intentional in my friendships?

Do I stick the landing with my siblings and parents?

Do I say I love them or do I show it? Knowing that these days, time = love. Do I give them the benefit of the doubt? Do I forgive easily or harbor resentment? Am I kind?

Do I stick the landing when it comes to my faith?

Do I even try? Do I feel like Christ is where He should be in my life if I really and truly believe He is who I say He is? Am I just hopping off the balance beam, feet landing where they may, and then moving on, or am I thoughtful of their placement? Do I make my faith a priority?

I am so thankful for yet another day to be intentional in my relationships and life and another chance to stick the landing!

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